Working Groups

The Continuum of Care has several working groups. Click the title link for meeting schedules and locations, as well as agendas and recaps.

  • Coordinating Team
    The Coordinating Team meetings are gatherings of the general membership whose purpose is to provide updates of the work being conducted in the working groups and important pertinent information. These meetings are also a good chance to network and hear updates from other members.
  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee meetings are generally devoted to strategic planning and the development of governing documents for the CoC. 
  • Coordinated Entry Working Group
    The Coordinated Entry Working Group meetings are gatherings of anyone in the community whose purpose is to develop the framework for a Coordinated Entry system, plan and execute its implementation and evaluation.
  • Fair Housing Working Group
    The Fair Housing Working Group meetings are gatherings of community members whose purpose is to monitor the progress made in addressing the impediments and observations outlined in the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, make suggestions for additional action items and help implement activities to affirmatively further fair housing.
  • Housing Working Group
    The Housing Working Group meetings are gatherings of community members whose purpose is to preserve and expand housing opportunnities for extremely-low income households and those who experience difficulty accessing housing through the following activities: identify barriers to housing entry, evaluate service gaps and develop and implement solutions for those experiencing homelessness to improve access to housing.
  • Performance Measurement Working Group
    The Performance Measurement Working Group (PMWG) meetings are gatherings of community members whose purpose is to implement HMIS requirements and guideline recommendations, evaluate data and reports, monitor system performance and set performance measures. This Working Group is also responsible for the preparation, training and reporting for the annual point in time count.