Executive Committee


Executive Committee members are nominated by the Continuum of Care Coordinating Team and appointed by the Boise City Mayor each September. Membership composition is diverse and based off of  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidance to include: 

  • An agency representing persons with disabilities
  • Ada County and municipal government agencies
  • Public housing agencies
  • Faith-based and other community-based organizations
  • Housing devlopers
  • Housing service providers
  • Private businesses
  • Law enforcement
  • Funding providers
  • School districts
  • A person experiencing or formerly experiencing homelessness


The Executive Committee meetings are generally devoted to strategic planning and the development of governing documents for the CoC. 


The Executive Committee meetings take place at the City of Boise.

Meeting Schedule

The Executive Committee meets every second Monday of the month, with a few exceptions for holidays.

Agendas and Recaps