Coordinated Entry Working Group


Membership is open to anyone in the community who is interested in helping advance the cause of preventing and reducing homelessness in Ada County. Whether you are a service provider, housing provider, developer, business or interested citizen, you are welcome! We can accomplish great things together!


The Coordinated Entry Working Group meetings are gatherings of anyone in the community whose purpose is to develop the framework for a Coordinated Entry system, plan and execute its implementation and evaluation. Coordinated Entry is a process used to assess and assist in meeting the housing needs of people experiencing homelessness and those at-risk of homelessness that is guided by the following value statements:

  • It is about serving our vulnerable neighbors first;
  • Easier to access housing;
  • Everyone deserves housing;
  • Designed to consistently respond to changing circumstances;
  • Driven by personal choice and sustained by community collaboration.


The Coordinating Team meetings take place at El-Ada's office located at 2500 S. Vista Avenue in Boise.

Meeting Schedule

This Working Group is in the process of transitioning to being an Advisory Board. Meetings TBD.

Agendas and Recaps